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Montana Towers in the News

Local towers Jay and Joyce Richards of Red Wrecker (Butte) and Joe Johnson of Best Rate Towing (Belgrade) received ACE Awards at the 2009 American Towman award ceremony in Baltimore.

Red Wrecker and Best Rate Towing
Joyce and Jay Richards and Joe Johnson

Don Blyton and Don Blyton, Jr. were recipients of the 2009 Towman Commendation for Courageous Professionalism under Fire in the Endeavor to Save a Human Life Award.

Don Blyton, Jr., left, and Don Blyton, right

In 2008, A-1 Towing (Helena), Best Rate Towing (Belgade), Bolster's Towing (Kalispell), Drummond Towing (Drummond), and Iron Horse Towing (Missoula) were honored with ACE Awards. In 2007, A-1 Towing (Helena) and Iron Horse Towing (Missoula) received ACE Awards. In 2006, A-1 Towing (Helena), Best Rate Towing (Belgrade), Elite Towing (Bozeman), Hanser's Wrecker Service (Billings), Iron Horse Towing (Missoula), and Milo's Towing (Butte), were recipients of ACE Awards. In 2005, A-1 Towing (Helena), Hanser's Wrecker Service (Billings), Iron Horse Towing (Missoula), won ACE Awards. In 2004, Ace Awards were received by A-1 Towing (Helena) and Iron Horse Towing (Missoula). 2003 ACE Award winners included A-1 Towing (Helena) and Hanser's Wrecker Service (Billings).

Note: The prestigious American Towman ACE Award for achievement in service performance recipients are nominated by the nation's major motor clubs and dispatch centers, including Allstate Motor Club, Asurion, Coach-Net, Cross Country Automotive Services, GEICO Direct, and Road America. The ACE Award is presented by American Towman Magazine, the leading trade publication serving emergency road service professionals. Nomination guidelines for the ACE Award include a high percentage of meeting or bettering estimated response time on calls, consistency in response time, written appreciation from customers, ACE Award Belt Buckleand percentage of calls serviced (instead of turning them away), thereby reflecting reliability and overall professionalism. ACE recipients rank in the top one percent of the towing industry's service providers.

The ACE Award itself is an original design belt buckle depicting a towing professional and a tow truck along with tools of the trade. The buckles are presented to the winners during the ACE Award ceremonies at the American Towman Expositions, the world's largest trade show and convention for emergency road service providers.

Wreckmaster's Top Ten of 2008

Bummer (Richard Stepan) accepting a Wreckmaster Top Ten for 2008 Award
for Yates Towing (Butte).